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Repair Services

Mechanical Vehicle Repairs & Maintenance Warrington

ATC cover all areas of mechanical vehicle repair and maintenance throughout Warrington, Cheshire and the North West.

We offer a wide range of vehicle repair services in warrington including;  Car Diagnostics, Engine diagnostics, Exhaust Repairs, Exhaust Replacement, Clutch Replacement, Clutch Fitting, Clutch Installation, Brakes Installation, Replacement Brakes, Car Servicing and MOT's, get in touch for more information or FREE impartial advice.

Vehicle Repair

Suspension and Steering

Our trained suspension repair specialists will inspect your vehicle and quickly identify any problems with your suspension system. We can replace coil springs and a shock absorbers on all makes and model vehicles.

Maintaining a healthy vehicle suspension system is essential to gain comfort, stability and good handling from your vehicle

Vehicle Repair

Wiper & window motors

Your windows and wipers are essential to clear, safe driving.  Like many parts of your car, wiper and window motors can deteriorate over time and should be checked regularly. 

We can diagnose and repair faults with your electric window and windscreen wiper motors and mechanisms.

Vehicle Repair

Timing belts/Cambelts

Timing belts and Cambelts are an essential part of your vehicle and not replacing them at the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines can result in serious damage to your car’s engine. We can check if your cambelt needs replacing using manufacturers guide lines on mileage and age

On most Cambelts it is recommended to have a new water pump, this of course comes at extra cost

Vehicle Repair

Batteries, Alternators & charging systems

If you require a new car battery, ATC can provide a full car battery test and replacement service and can dispose of your old one for you.

Our testing equipment can help identify potential electrical problems ensuring that your old battery was actually the issue and not another fault elsewhere in the alternator or charging system.

Vehicle Repair

Waterpumps / Cooling System

Your vehicle cooling system includes components such as the radiator, water pump, radiator and heater hoses and thermostat. Regular service and repairs to this system prevents overheating and more expensive repairs to your vehicle.

We can diagnose, repair leaks and replace, if required all parts of your vehicles cooling system.